Terms and Conditions

After Purchasing, Users and are allowed to view the stream on one device only. Users may automatically be disconnected should we detect multiple access on different devices and different IP locations. Your username may be disconnected. No refunds will be given. You are allowed to purchase one clubs stream on a match day. Multiple purchase of streams may be disconnected with no refund given. Onward streaming or sharing streams are not allowed, you will be disconnected without a refund. Our streams are constantly monitored and any issues you have while watching the stream will be recorded at our end. If you experience buffering or disconnections they are very likely to be at your end. You must contact support during the match to inform us of issues you may be having. NO refunds will be offfered unless a general disconnection from our servers occur. Each Club will have the final decision on terms and conditions of their own streams. Where we implement geo-blocking you agree that you will not purchase from a country that is under restrictions. Our geo-blocking software will attempt to determine your location and block you as necessary. In these conditions we generally do not provide a refund. Should you hare your login details and monitor two streams you will be logged off automatically from your first stream. You may then lose the ability to login again and watch the stream. Should you have any difficulties please contact support.

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Left hand button has QP email, right hand button has Brian`s email, try each in turn.


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SFO Admin functions

Listed are some steps to administer the admin area

Site Admin Facilities

SFO uses our eazy-site web admin portal to upload content for the home page and associate images with the story. Our admin is a basic set of functions to allow you to edit the content on the front page.

Test Video

A test video to allow you to test your device and browser. If you can view this you will be able to view our live streams. If the video does not automatically start press the Play icon in the middle of the video frame. The test video is smaller size and lower resolution for testing purposes. Matchday live video streams are 720p HD resolution.

Paypal Configuration.

This page identifies the sections that need to be setup in your paypal business account. We use IPN (Instant Payment Notification) as well as Auto return. (they are setup differently)


Please supply the following details to register on our site. You will then be able to purchase a live video stream.
First time user ? please review Further Information on this page.

Thank you for requesting a new password

Thank you for requesting a new password to access our system. Please update your password after login, in the My Details link. please refer to our terms and conditions, accounts may be suspended should we see hackers or spammers attempting to break in. You are allowed to use one stream at a time, our system detects if you have given your account details to someone else. You may be automatically disconnected. Your Email and Password is the same for members of ScottishFootball.online. ParsTV, Diamonds TV, Fraserburgh TV, Falkirk TV, RoseTV, BankiesTV, QOSTV, ICT TV, Queens Park TV. You now have access to the portal for live streaming and your email and password is accessible across our portal. For Support, use the Chat Icon at the bottom right of the home page.