4G Router

We recently purchased a 4G router to evaluate it and to see if it provided better connectivity. The ideal feature about this device is the sim-card-slot on the back of the device. Plug in and ready-to go

Full Game Replay implementation

When the stream is live it gets recorded by the CDN system and gets converted to a video and I then get an embed code for it. The good thing is that the video is already there and doesn`t need uploaded, saving some considerable time. All it needs is the Embed Code to be placed in the Embed Code box on the fixture. You will see that on yesterdays fixture, this takes a minute to update.

Introducing Stream Deck

Vmix uses multiple overlays and frames to produce a variety of frames to be used on your stream. To manage the switching of these why not use Elgato Stream Deck. There are two options a 15 key or 32 key device. The 115-key device is nice and compact.

HD low cost camera

Streaming from the ground requires a camera connected to video encoder then to publishing software. Encoders and publishing software are covered in another section on this site. To get you up and running a simple HD camera can be used. The cost of this type can around two hundred pound and provides reasonable quality to get you started.

Live streaming 4K camcorder GY-HM200E

Whether you`re shooting 4K Ultra HD, 4:2:2 full HD or streaming to the web, the GY-HM200E does it all. Its integrated 12x optical zoom lens and 4K CMOS sensor deliver stunning 4K Ultra HD recordings directly to SDHC/SDXC memory cards. And the camera is totally professional, complete with dual XLR audio inputs, HD-SDI (3G) and HDMI outputs, together with dual codec advanced streaming technology.

USB 3.0 HD Video Capture

We recently saw this video encoder on Amazon for around £40.00. We will run some further tests on this device to ensure it is compatable with live streaming. It connects to a camera and appears to work very well We have it working with Vmix and OBS.

Basic kit to get started

We provide what we think is a basic set of kit to get you started streaming at your stadium. This will allow to to start streaming very quickly. Use this to connect to our OTT platform to allow you to collect payments and allow viewers to watch the stream. Once you have used the kit for a while you may wish to move up to a larger camera.

Vmix stream configuration

For publishers, our recommend stream settings for Vmix are shown. Depending on the CDN provider the upout mload bit rate should be 2.5Mbps or 1.5Mbps. Ensure you run a speedtest to check your actual upload speed. Check the dacast website for optimum details : https://www.dacast.com/support/knowledgebase/live-encoder-configuration We previously used multiple upload streams to allow users to cope with higher or lower quality connections, however, that is now handled by the CDN and one upload stream is fine. What this means now the Video Player option settings will give the user the option (if needed) to select manually the preferred download value. For example if you are on a mobile with smaller screen and you experience buffering you can select say the 480p or lower connection speed.