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About Us | Security

We take security seriously

We take security very seriously. We have been developing websites for nearly 20 years and in the last few years we have seen a dramtic rise in attempted break ins and hacks. Our aim is not to save any private data that may be of use to potential hackers, we do not keep any credit card details in our systems.
Three years ago one of our servers did get hacked, not too seriously and no real damage, but it highlighted the fact that we needed to be extra vigilant.

Shortly after that episode we developed our proprietary means of hacker detection. So far we have 2,657 banned IP addresses in our list with one attempting a break in over 30,000 times !

Registered users will not be allowed if they try and register through a banned IP address. We also continually monitor access to the website and immediately ban users trying to break in with unexplained scripts.

We also continually monitor our stream output to prevent stream-pirates from picking up our streams.