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Are you a publisher wanting to get started ?

If you are a football club in the Scottish Football League and wish to get an easy to setup publishing system then why not give us a try.

All you need is a Video Camera, Laptop, streaming software and a reasonable wifi or network connection and you are ready to go.

Scottish Football Online provides the Content Delivery Network, the login and purchase of individual matches and the viewing platform for viewers.

This page provides a general overview of the streaming process while the Help section will provide more in-depth explantion of the setup sequences.

Streaming from Stadium

For streaming live from your stadium you will need the following:

1. Reasonable sized spec laptop. A mimumim of Intel I3 spec with 4GB or 8GB memory would be best to start with.
2. Vmix or OBS streaming software. Currently our preference is Vmix but anything that puts out an H.264 rtmp stream is suitable.
3. HD type camera that can connect via USB or HDMI to your laptop. Vmix will take this input as a video stream.
4. Video encoder to connect camera to the laptop and feed as input
5. LAN, wifi or mobile connection. We recommend a minimum upload speed of 600Kbps but recommend at least 1Mbps.

Customer purchase

Customers will be able to purchase a season pass or individual match ticket. Streaming Video is only available to overseas subscribers (except on a rare occassion)

However, during the coronavirus lockdown period UK viewers will be ablt to view live video streams.

Purchases will be handled securely via Paypal (other methods will follow).

Content Delivery Network

For each match SFO will provide connecvtion details for your streaming service. These will then be used to setup the stream connection to allow your Camera -> Laptop -> CDN to push out the stream.

Our Content delivery network will be provided by a third party Subscribers using our service don`t need to involve themselves of the setup, this will be handled automatically. The cost to use this service will be 25p per 1GB data transfer bandwidth. We may look at a similar charge for a PPV session. Effectively the service will not cost you anything as these fees will be taken from the subscriber income.

Your bandwidth requirements will vary depending on how many subscribers you will have but we fully expect that the charges for season and tickets will pay for the service. If you don`t have any viewers you won`t have any bandwidth requirements.

Customer Viewing

This website will setup a viewing page to allow subscribers to watch a particular match. This will be setup with the corresponding CDN connection settings (as given for Vmix H.264 RTMP settings) to pull down the stream and be shown.

Each customer will have to register, login and purchase match tickets online through this website. Each section of this website will be branded to your football club format and logos.

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