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Getting Started | Publishers

Basic kit to get started

We provide what we think is a basic set of kit to get you started streaming at your stadium. This will allow to to start streaming very quickly.

Use this to connect to our OTT platform to allow you to collect payments and allow viewers to watch the stream.

Once you have used the kit for a while you may wish to move up to a larger camera.


1. Reasonable sized spec laptop. A mimumim of Intel I3 spec with 4GB or 8GB memory would be best to start with.

2. Vmix or OBS streaming software. Currently our preference is Vmix but anything that puts out an H.264 rtmp stream is suitable.

3. HD type camera that can connect via USB or HDMI to your laptop. Vmix will take this input as a video stream.

4. Video encoder to connect camera to the laptop and feed as input

5. USB Audio headset

6. Tripod

7. LAN, wifi or mobile connection. We recommend a minimum upload speed of 600Kbps but recommend at least 1Mbps. you can use a 4G dongle as it can give good upload speed.


Added sample Dell laptop (January 2021) which would work very well. It has a copy benchmark of over 11,000 (fairly fast). And price around £600 . There is an option also for say an HP laptop around £450