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Getting Started | Streaming Software

Introducing Stream Deck XL

Vmix uses multiple overlays and frames to produce a variety of frames to be used on your stream.

To manage the switching of these why not use Elgato Stream Deck.

Stream Deck XL puts even more creative power at your fingertips. Meaning you get more studio-level control to optimize your content. More access to time-saving integrations. More scope to boost your production value. More of everything that keeps your stream fresh, and your audience hooked.

Your Streaming Centerpiece

Start streaming. Adjust audio levels and mute your mic. Tweak lighting. Switch cameras. Apply lower thirds. Change scenes. Activate your intermission screen. Trigger onscreen videos, images, GIFs and soundbites. And wrap up with your signature outro. When it comes to advanced live production, Stream Deck XL gives you supreme creative control.

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