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Paypal Configuration.

This page identifies the sections that need to be setup in your paypal business account.

We use IPN (Instant Payment Notification) as well as Auto return. (they are setup differently)

1. Auto Return
The Auto Return feature for PayPal Payments Standard redirects the buyer back to your website after completing the payment. This feature replaces the PayPal-hosted Payment Done page with a page hosted on your website.

Link to Paypal Auto Return (full information)

2. Specify Return Address
We will also need to specify the Return Address, we will pass that to you when we setup the paypal details in our system (and the IP addres and domain name have been setup).

3. Account Optional
PayPal account optional is "on". We want to allow customers to pay by Debit or Credit card without having to create a Paypal account.

We are aiming, that once the transaction is completed, the user will return automatically to the website.

4. Payment Data Transfer
This option should be on to allow the completed data to be returned to our website.


Thanks to Queen of the South for their help with these settings.