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Vmix multiple stream

From July 2021 we now recommend setting up a single stream as dacast`s new system provides multiple outputs depending on users internet connection speed.

We now recommend setting up a single HD 720p 1.5Mbps stream based on the settings below. ensure you have keyframe aligned ticked, Profile should be changed to High (not Baseline), Strict CBR should also be checked.

The video bit rate can also be lowered as well, we can correspond that to the upload speed if ever because Due to COVID19, internet companies throttle download and upload speeds at various times, and therefore a lower bit rate on the lower side of the range is recommended.

Check the dacast website for optimum details :

We previously used multiple streams to allow users to cope with higher or lower quality connections. We decide to just use two streams 720p at 1.5Mbps and a 480p at 500Kbps settings.

From a users perspective both these settings will go out to the same stream. That will allow the CDN network to automatiucally offer the relevant download rate depending on the users internet circumstances.


From the Stream Settings Vmix gives the option to provide up to 3 different output rates, in our case we usually only use two. We normally setup two streams using the same Vmix encoder settings. (see below for a third vmix stream)

Note that in some cases we have seen an error starting Vmix, to overcome this you can start each stream individually, stream 1 first, then stream 2.

Vmix Stream 1: H264 720p 1.5mbps 64kbps (encoder 1 details)
Vmix Stream 2: H264 480p 500kbps 64kbps (encoder 1 details)

NOTE: you will need to set the Stream Key or Name to different values, we would recommend these values:

Vmix Stream 1: dclive_1_1@352709
Vmix Stream 2: dclive_1_3@352709


There are other settings that should be checked on the Streaming Quality icon (to the right of the popup). Two key items to set:

1. Keyframe Frequency set to 2 seconds.
2. Threads. increase to 10
3. Keyframe Aligned - tick

Recently we have started to use two separate streams for Vmix. We found that recoring on dacast often seemed to record the lower resolution stream.

We have also recently setup another separate stream out for use by the broswer, this uses 480p settings and can be accessed using our Stream B button on the Video Player. In some cases, for example in a SmartTV, using the Stream B button seems to offer an output without any buffering. Using this option means we can ask the user to try the 480p stream directly.
Therefore on Vmix we would setup the Vmix Stream 3 option but use a completely separate encoder output.

Vmix Stream 3: H264 480p 500kbps 64kbps. (encoder 2 details)
Vmix Stream 3: dclive_1_150@416079