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Piracy affecting live streams

Exellent news that action has been taken against those that Pirate Streams. A Glasgow man has been arrested following a police operation to tackle illegal home streaming of the SPFL (Scottish Professional Football League)

-- Link to Glasgow Live story

Well done to SKY, Police and the SPFL for tackling the issue.

Let`s hope they continue to tackle this problem, every saturday you see links to illegal streaming sites posted on many facebook pages of scottish football clubs.

It should be noted that the pirates have an easy means to access live streams, from clubs in Scotland. They can use the streams provided by a system installed at many clubs in the championship and fed out to bet365 websites.

This will have even more of an impact this coming season (2022-2023) due to the probable block from SKY to prevent scottish clubs streaming on a Saturday afternoon.
All that will happen is that users will make more use of these pirate streams, despite teh huge risk factor to their online security.

If you see any pirate streams, please record them for us on the link below. We would just like to try and keep a record of what is happening.

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