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Live Stream Backups has recently been providing a backup solution for live streams.

Up until now we have not needed such an option but we felt it was better to be safe than sorry.
Recently we did have the potential need for a backup due to a drop during a live stream. However, that stream was restarted using a backup URL. We also had our backup stream running live so viewers were able to switch over quickly.

Last night there was an outage from Amazon AWS causing havoc among a wide variety of users. More here from the NBS News website.

This affected DACAST our supplier through their Content Delivery Network.

Fortunately, we were prepared for such an event, though did not expect to have such a need so soon.

Recently we have offered our customers the option to have a live backup stream. This means in the event of failure we can switch directly to the other stream.

The Queen of the South vs Morton game last night (Tuesday 7th December) was affected during our initial setup but a switch across to our second live stream meant our viewers were unaffected.

If you are needing a backup solution for your live stream football then why not get in touch with us.
Whether it`s a one off or a longer term solution we can help.

If you want to try and setup a one off test stream with us on then please get in touch

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